Morning Desert Safari Dubai | The Golden Beauty of Desert

The best way to see the stark beauty of the desert in all its natural, unspoiled glory is to go on a morning desert safari. Each possible result is unique in its way. Since they plan everything ahead of time, these trips are trouble-free. You have to choose the things you want to do. And if you’re in Sharjah, you can quickly go on safaris in the desert. Suppose you want to see another beautiful desert in the Middle East. In that case, this itinerary will help you find Jordan’s natural treasures.

How to get to and around Dubai in the best way

You can go anywhere in the world and back again on a virtual flight. It is also the main terminal for Emirates Airlines, so you shouldn’t miss it if you want to read my review of the airline’s business class.

Taxis are always available in Dubai, so you can take one even if you arrive early in the morning. You can feel safe in any of the cream-colored taxis waiting at the exits of the terminal. They are all part of the Dubai Taxi Corporation.

But if you get there early enough, the cheapest option is the Metro station outside the terminal. You can pay a little more for a VIP ticket. This ticket is the only way to get into the glass-topped first-class carriages. From there, you can see the beautiful cityscape.

Take the red line to the city center from Dubai International Airport’s Terminals 1 or 3. Along this route are a number of well-known hotels, such as the Ritz-Carlton and the Emirates Grand Hotel. I had no trouble getting around on the Dubai Metro. Since all options accept the NOL card, you can use the same ticket for all of them. There is also a water taxi and a ferry service.

You could also take a taxi down this road. They cost more than the bus, but the government ensures they don’t get out of hand. So, you shouldn’t expect prices to go up a lot. I used Uber a lot, and it worked well for me. A tour bus that lets people get on and off runs on six different routes in Dubai. The 46 scheduled stops that this famous red bus can get to are easy to get to.  We play pre-recorded commentary (in many languages) so that you can learn more about the exciting places you visit.

How much did this trip through the desert in Dubai morning cost?

I paid for everything that has to do with this content. The article about a desert safari in Dubai that came out this morning used affiliate links. I’ll make a small commission if you click the link and buy something. Because of this, I thought it was essential to let you know.

Where to stay in Dubai that is best

1.    Jumeirah Emirates Towers

The Jumeirah Emirates Towers is close to The Dubai Mall and is one of the best hotels in Dubai. The hotel’s free shuttle service makes it easy to get to the Dubai Mall and other well-known tourist spots in Dubai. In addition to the 400 guest rooms and suites, there are 11 restaurants and bars. All the rooms are big, well-decorated, and have views of the city and sitting areas with sofas.

2.    The Jumeirah Burj Al Arab

The five-star Burj Al Arab hotel is on the island. All of the suites have large windows with views of the Arabian Gulf. Some of the modern features in these suites are an iPad, an iMac with a 21-inch screen, and a widescreen, interactive HD television. The private beach, outdoor pool, and full-service spa are all great places for guests to relax.

3.    The Voco Hotel is in fourth place

The Voco hotel is an alternative to a boutique hotel (albeit it is part of a franchise). This hotel has everything a 5-star should have, but it doesn’t go overboard like some of Dubai’s other big 5-star hotels. This makes it easy to get to the city’s modern and traditional parts. The subway station is also close by, and you can walk there in just five minutes.

Due to a mix-up at check-in, the Voco Hotel gave me a free upgrade to a beautiful suite. Both the room’s size and the view outside were stunning. The stunning view I could see from the tub in my hotel room at the Voco. The best part was that you could see Dubai from both the shower and the bathtub. The roof’s infinity pool is an excellent place to relax and enjoy the view. I had a delicious contemporary Indian meal there for lunch. The lunch was a big deal, with dry ice and Japanese grills, and the food was delicious.

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4.    Dubai’s Five Palm Jumeirah

The Five Palm Jumeirah is a great place to unwind and relax in Dubai. This resort has five outdoor pools and a beach only for guests. One of the pools cuts through the middle of the resort.

The 470 rooms and suites have coffee makers, minibars, huge intelligent TVs, and smart devices that control the temperature and lighting. On some of the balconies, you can even see the Gulf. There are also many places to eat and drink, like three restaurants, two cafes, and three pubs.

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