Appliance Removal The environmentally friendly way to dispose of your old appliances.

When getting rid of your old appliances, it can be tempting to drop them off at the curb or take them to the local landfill (unfortunately, many people do). But before you consider this method, there are some things you should know about appliance recycling, which benefits both the environment and the community. Here are five ways appliance removal can help the environment.

Reduce Air Pollution

Appling recycling benefits the environment by greatly reducing air pollution created by burning used materials. Appliances create a lot of greenhouse gases, so when recycled instead, it’s a great advantage for the environment and the people who live in those areas where this is happening. Turning old televisions into scrap metal saves energy and reduces toxic emissions that pollute our air and water supply. Appliances also release chemicals like lead into our water supply, which have been linked to many health problems like cancer and other diseases. Recycling them helps keep them from harming our bodies or contaminating the environment around us.

Reduce Water Pollution

One of the biggest ways appliance recycling benefits the environment is by significantly reducing water pollution. With most people unaware or not caring about how much water is wasted each day, this is an easy win for appliance recycling. For example, a washing machine can use up to 300 gallons per load, and an average dishwasher will use about 20 gallons per cycle; which means that if you have three loads of laundry and one dishwasher cycle every day, then you are wasting 1,500 gallons (the equivalent to half a tank) of fresh water in just four days! This type of waste quickly adds up, and with the likelihood that many people will have more than one dirty appliance in their home at any given time, it’s easy to see how fast these numbers grow even larger.

Reduce Energy Consumption

The best way to reduce energy consumption is by recycling appliances. By recycling an appliance, you are avoiding the need for a new one and reducing the energy it takes to manufacture that item. Applanation recycles refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, stoves, and more to reduce waste going into landfills and produce fewer carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. Not only does this help the environment, but it also helps save you money in the long run!

Grow Renewable Resources

Recycling scrap metal saves energy and decreases greenhouse gas emissions by keeping the minerals in the ground and releasing stored-up carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Recycled metals are also used for products like steel, aluminum, and lead-acid batteries. In addition, some metals, such as copper and brass, can be recycled infinite times without losing quality or function. For these reasons, recycling is a vital part of our economy and an important step in preserving our environment for future generations.

Reduce Trash Volume

Every year, Americans purchase and throw away approximately 3 billion pounds of appliances. Appliances take up space in our landfills and emit greenhouse gases, so recycling is a great solution. Appliances are classified as hazardous waste because they can contain lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, and other heavy metals that can contaminate soil and water supplies if not disposed of properly. Additionally, many items such as refrigerators or freezers are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic, which contains chlorine, which is known for its harmful effects on the environment when released into the atmosphere or dumped into waterways. To protect our environment, it’s important to make sure you recycle any appliance you replace.

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