Smartplay with Flynova Flying Spinner

Are your kids bored of playing with the old toy guns and baby dolls? It’s time to intruduce them to something new and exciting. Meet the new Flynova Flying Spinner! This boomerang ball is one of the top selling toys in the UK that has won millions of hearts of children, teenagers, and even adults. Every here and there, you can now see a glowing bommerang ball flying–that shinny little things is the flynova pro spinner. If you want to know more about this spinner, then this article is for you.

Flynova Flying Spinner (Ibuygreat)

What is Flynova Flying Spinner? 

Flying spinner looks like a magic ball that is changing lights and flying in the air–consisting of three dazzling neon lights. It is a motorized flying boomerang spinner that can do several stunts and tricks to amaze everyone around it. The spinner has a onboard gyroscopic motor that allows it to perform movements like a magic flying ball. It is powered up by a USB cable, just charge it for 15 minutes and its good to go for 10 unstoppable minutes of flying! 

You can gift it to your little ones and they’ll be obsessed with it at the first sight. If you want to buy toys online in the UK, then flynova is your best toy gift. Get it today and share the ultimate joy with your loved ones!

7 Tricks and Actions of Flynova Flying Spinner

The popular and heart warming Flynova can do 7 eye cathing tricks and actions. We have created a list of these seven tricks. Let’s briefly look into them!

  1. Slow down

The boomerang ball slows down everytime its near to something or someone. It contains sensors that detects an object near it to avoid any uncertain circumstances. 

  1. Dodge/ Anti-Collison 

When the boomerang ball is pushed into something, it can dodge the object and avoid hitting it–giving it an anti-collision feature. 

  1. Fly

Flying is its best feature! Just give the flynova a toss to get it flying. After a few practices, anyone can master its tricks! 

  1. Spin 

Hold the ball upward, turn on the button and give it a toss to start its action. Then it can also spin really fast by hovering in the same place and surprising everyone watching it. 

  1. Float

You can also use the magic wand with the flying spinner to get it floating in the air. It will attract the spinner and get to a floating flight state.

  1. Glide 

Your favourite flynova can glide too! The glide movement can be defined as a ball moving in the same motion moving right and left in a repetitive position.  

  1. Climb

The ball climbs automatically into the air when it is started. Moreover, it can climb any objects that come between its way to avoid coliiding. 

  1. Comes Back 

The best feature of this spinner ball is that it returns to you in a nice and mannerful way. You can catch it and turn it off when done playing. Don’t worry about holding the spinner, you can easily hold it without any fear of getting hurt because it has an exclosed wheel design type that protects the internal motor and your hands from interacting it. 


If you’re looking out for something exciting, thrilling, and magical for your little one, then don’t miss out the wondrous Flynova pro spinner. It’s a perfect way to release your kid’s day stress and engage in healthy and happy physical activity. It’ll perform tricks such as auto slow down, dodging, flying, gloating, climbing, and coming back to you at the end! Don’t miss out on this ball!

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