Top 8 Places that Need Acoustic Door Installation!

The days of the classic wood door are gone. In fact, the days of solid core doors are now a thing of the past as well!

It’s time to step up your acoustic game and install a modern acoustic door. But where do you start? We’ve got you covered with our list of top places that need acoustic doors installation!

1. Theatres

Theatres are the perfect place to put acoustic doors. Whether you’re watching a play or going to see a concert, you’ll find that theatres are often very noisy places.

Sometimes, this is intentional; other times it’s just because there’s so much sound bouncing around inside the auditorium. No matter what kind of noise there is in your theatre, it needs to be quiet for both the actors and audience members if they’re going to be able to enjoy themselves.

Acoustic doors can help with this problem! These doors help block out some of those unwanted noises and make sure that nobody gets distracted from their experience by outside distractions like cars driving by or people talking on their cell phones outside in the lobby area.

2. Hospitals

If you’re in a hospital, the last thing you want is to be kept awake at night by loud conversations outside. This can happen when there are no acoustic doors installed on the main entrance of your building.

To ensure that patients have a comfortable stay, hospitals need to keep noise levels down as much as possible. This includes both external and internal sounds such as delivery trucks and ambulances coming and going or staff chatting with each other in hallways or offices nearby.

3. Libraries

Libraries are a place where the atmosphere is meant to be quiet and respectful. This can be difficult when you have children running around, loud patrons who don’t know how to whisper properly, or even staff members that need to talk too loudly on their phones.

Acoustic door installation is a great way to help reduce sound in your library while still allowing natural light into the space. You can choose from standard doors that require minimal maintenance or fire rated doors with special glass that will last longer than other options.

Any of these options will keep the noise contained within your library and let everyone enjoy the peace and quiet they deserve!

4. Recording Studios

Recording studios are a place where the art of music is created and put on display. The sound quality of a studio cannot be compromised, as it plays an important role in the quality of music or audio that gets recorded there.

Music practice rooms must be quiet and soundproof enough so that you don’t have to worry about any external noise interrupting your work. Noise can ruin your work as well as make people uncomfortable when they are working on something important in their own space.

To keep everything running smoothly, acoustic door installation has become an integral part of every recording studio nowadays because it helps keep unwanted noise out while allowing air circulation inside the room at the same time!

5. Restaurants

You probably don’t think of restaurants as high-traffic areas, but they are. There are many reasons for this:

  • Restaurants often have multiple entrances and exits, so their doors see a lot of use throughout the day.
  • When people come in to eat, they’re talking with their friends and family members. They’re happy and excited to be there. This means that they’ll likely be louder than usual—it’s even possible that you’ll hear some raised voices! That can lead to problems if you don’t have acoustic doors installed on your entranceways or exits.

Acoustic doors help keep unwanted noise out while letting in enough sound so that patrons can still hear each other clearly inside their restaurant or bar.

6. Banks

Banks are a prime example of an institution that needs to be both secure and accessible. Bank have a lot of valuable property inside their walls, including money. They also need to keep their customers happy, which means they can’t make them wait outside while they finish work on their accounts.

To ensure that you’re able to hear alarms and keep your customers happy at the same time, it’s important that you install acoustic doors into your bank’s building. These door panels are designed specifically for banks because they let in sound waves but not unwanted noise.

This helps ensure that employees can hear alarms from inside the building while keeping out any other sounds coming from outside, like traffic or construction noise.

7. Hotels

Hotels are noisy places. Booking a hotel room at the last minute and expecting to get a good night’s sleep is like hoping your landlord will take you seriously when you ask him to fix the leaky roof.

Acoustic doors can help reduce noise in a hotel setting and make sure that guests’ needs are met. They can also be used as soundproofing for rooms, which will help with other aspects of the business, such as keeping track of how much noise one party is making compared to another.

8. Schools

Acoustic doors are an excellent way to improve sound quality for schools. Students will be able to hear the teachers better, which means they can listen and concentrate better.

This will help them learn more effectively and will allow them to have a less distracting environment in which they can succeed. This also means that students will be able to hear themselves better when they speak, so they won’t have difficulty hearing their own voices as much as before.


The soundproofing of your door is one of the most important aspects in the whole house. It’s what keeps out noise and lets you sleep comfortably at night.

However, there are many factors that can affect how good a Acoustic door will be at blocking out noise. If you want to make sure that yours is as good as possible, it’s important to know exactly what they are!

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