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10 renter-friendly home improvement ideas for tenants

home improvement ideas for tenants

When you are about to move to a new place, the first challenge is to decide whether to buy or rent a house. Of course, the decision should be made in light of considerations like the region of residence and your financial situation. Like many others, if your dream destination is also Traverse City, some factors may persuade you to rent your dream house in Traverse City rather than owning it. 

Although most residents have their own home improvement ideas in Traverse, studies have reported that buying a house is more affordable than renting in only four cities in the US and Traverse is not one of them. Rated as one of the most expensive cities in Michigan, it also has higher taxation rates than other areas. Hence, it may be much wiser to rent a house there when needed. 

Also, with its captivating landscapes, Traverse City is a perfect place to keep moving homes from time to time. Renting a house will enable you to enjoy a diverse experience while staying at different places. 

Once you start living as a tenant, it’s hard to resist the urge to design your new home to suit your style. But as a tenant, you have limited rights to renovate the place and you don’t want to upset the owner. Fret not. We are here to let you in on a few creative renter-friendly ideas for home improvement.

Get a new showerhead:

Start with your basic needs. Missing your old cozy shower? Replace your showerhead. Even your bathroom deserves a new look! And what could be better than the availability of a credible bathroom remodeling company in the same city? You can contact a reliable Traverse City shower replacement company for quality services and durable products. In addition to an altered look, a quick and affordable replacement by the company will give you a showerhead tailored to your needs. So you can enjoy a comfortable shower experience even in a rented house. 

Temporary wallpaper and flooring:

One of the best renter-friendly options for home improvement ideas is to use peel and stick wallpapers. Make sure to buy good quality wallpapers that do not ruin the paint when you take them off. It is a cost effective way to give your place a decent look without having to insert tiles or paint the walls. Similarly, make your kitchen or bedroom more colorful with temporary flooring. A variety of wood-looking, marble-looking, or checkered peel and stick floorings are easily available in the market and online. Select the one that complements your furniture for a stylish look. These options require less effort to change the interior design and can be removed once you’re ready to move out.

Paint your furniture:

If you’re upset that you can’t paint the walls, paint some of your own furniture instead. It can be a chair, your study table or a bookshelf. Doing so will bring a greater level of novelty to your home design as compared to the typical wall painting. Your place will end up looking more unique and vibrant as a result.

Use command hooks:

Using command hooks can help you design your house in many ways. Such home improvement ideas are not costly at all. You can hang various decoration pieces, lights, paintings, and frames with the command hooks to embellish the walls. They also come in handy for hanging kitchenware and clothing articles to solve space problems. However, do ensure that you buy good quality command hooks that do not damage the paint when you take them off the walls. 

Switch plate coverings:

Get rid of those boring plain switch plates! Add some color to your life. You can use colorful switch plate coverings for a better look. Decide on a color theme for each room and match the switch plate coverings to the temporary wallpapers. These especially come in handy in kids’ rooms to give them a more playful look. 

Change the curtains and blinds:

Switch to newer and more fashionably designed curtains and blinds for your windows. A little creativity on your part can lead to major differences in the appearance of your home improvement ideas. Choose curtains that complement the peel and stick wallpapers in every room to make your place appear more pleasant. 

Use different and brighter lighting:

Swapping the light bulbs in the house is a great way to improve the appearance of your space. Go for brighter and more decorative lights for a pleasant view inside your home. You can also place floor lamps in some rooms, set table lamps in bedrooms and study areas, or hang LED fountain lights on those command hooks. 

Use room dividers:

A simple way to change the look of large rooms or halls is to use room dividers. The partitions can help in case you need an extra storage space, a separate room for your kids, or a reading room for yourself. You can buy room dividers at affordable rates or create your own plywood walls. The foldable stuff is easy to move and enables you to modify the partitions as and when required. These home improvement ideas will really work wonders for your living space.

Use leaning mirrors instead of hanging furniture:

If you buy hanging furniture for your rented house, you will need to drill holes in the walls. Now you don’t want to do that to ruin the look for the next renter. Also, the owner may not allow you to mess with the walls. Not to worry! Buy large mirrors that you can lean against the walls instead of hanging them. This will give a great look to your bedroom without upsetting the owner.

Invest in some plants:

The best thing you can do to give a fresh look to your place is to buy houseplants. They naturally enhance the look and clear the air of any place. Make sure to take proper care of these natural decorative pieces. Aside from adding beauty to your place, they’ll keep you busy and ensure that you remain productive. with these handy home improvement ideas you can easily uplift the appeal of your home.


Renting a home may be a better option than buying in some ways but you might feel you lack the freedom to decorate your place to your liking. However, even as a renter there are multiple ways you can revamp the look of your rental without having an argument with the owner. You just need to get creative and embellish the place in ways that are reversible. Doing so will transform the look of your house without any permanent changes to the interior design. 


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