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How to Store Furniture in the Garage During House Moving

It is crucial to understand how to store furniture inside the garage before making a move. This is the most important point: making sure the furniture is not damaged.

There are risks of having a cracked door, damaged side, or a ruined façade due to poor car or motorcycle entry in humid conditions. This is because it is not enough to just put furniture in the garage and forget about it. These wooden items could bear concrete evidence of your negligence.

Some rules and conditions must be followed when you store furniture in a garage. There is an alternative, which I will only mention at the end.

The garage furniture will last for a long time

You must first determine how long it will take. How do you store furniture in a garage? It all depends on how many days, weeks, and months pass between the time you store your furniture in the garage and the moment that you take them out and move them to your new home.

Problems arise when we use the space for cars or motorcycles for more than a week. It is best to plan if you are going to be using this space for a prolonged period. You can hire plastic moving boxes.

Professional furniture storage

This is the key. You should not leave furniture unattended in closets, damp basements, or dusty garages. This could cause damage to the furniture’s wood and mechanics and scratch the corners. This is possible, but it’s still a problem if you want to get rid of these items.

At this point, however, it’s better to contact a furniture removal service. But also, it is important to learn how long will moving companies store your stuff.

Find the ideal spot for furniture storage

When deciding how to store furniture in a garage, the first thing to consider is its location. You should place your furniture in an area that is not too bright for health and cleanliness.

Garages may look cleaner or less clean than others, but the basic characteristics of a dusty area, full potential dangers for wood, are what we are referring to.

There are additional risks associated with the movements of cars and other vehicles. If you don’t take certain precautions, the garage may not be the best option, especially if your furniture is expensive. This applies if you don’t have much time.

Garage furniture packaging essentials

How do you store furniture in a garage? It’s simple. You need to pack them most efficiently. If you want to be able to return the furniture to its original condition, this is a must. You must first ensure that your furniture is safe.

Use plastic sheets to cover furniture

Wrap the furniture in special plastic sheets, which can also be used for painting. These sheets are designed to protect surfaces from paint, but they can also help prevent damage from dust, erosion, and humidity.

To prevent furniture from absorption, arrange the pieces that are disassembled and the furniture that has remained intact in the damp corners of your garage.

Furniture can be damaged by humidity that rises from the floor. Cover the elements with cardboard packaging or two to three wave boxes.

Whom should I contact regarding the deposit?

It depends. You can find private storage services that will store your furniture. However, if you need to move a large amount of furniture, you’ll need labor, lifting and disassembly, vans, hydraulic platforms, and vans. It is best to hire a professional moving company such as Perfect Timing Moving can help you with shipping furniture across Canada.

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