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Tips For Choosing Bathroom Fittings And Accessories

A functional bathroom  Fittings attention to detail, from planning an ideal layout to installing the right fixtures and accessories. Of course, you don’t spend most of your time in a shower; why must you invest in getting the right fixtures and fittings? The answer’s simple; it enhances functionality. Also, for every 1 dollar you spend on a bathroom renovation, you can earn back approximately $1.7 in Oklahoma when you sell the property later.
Here are some helpful tips for choosing the right fittings and accessories to spruce up your bathroom:

Consider the layout: how much space do you have?

When the bathroom is spacious and money is not an issue, feel free to get the fanciest fittings you can afford. However, try to avoid adding unnecessary fixtures when the space is small. For instance, you can install a shower instead of a bathtub to make good use of available space in a small bathroom.

Plan your budget

Planning a budget before installing new fixtures is the key to any renovation. Do you need a luxurious bathtub or a shower with glass doors? Do you want the faucets to be fancy? Your fixtures depend on the amount of money you can spend. Hence, always make a budget beforehand and stick to it.
Shower replacement costs can vary depending on where you live and what you plan to get installed. For example, in Oklahoma, expect to spend anywhere between $3,500 and $15,900 on a new shower area. You can contact a contractor for shower replacement in Oklahoma City to get a better idea of how much money to allocate for the budget of Bathroom Fittings.

Prioritize necessary fixtures

Good-quality fixtures like shower heads and faucets are far more important than adding fancy accessories, especially accessories that add no functionality. Prioritize utility over aesthetics. If the plumbing or toilet seat is damaged, change it instead of buying new faucets for the sink; the latter can wait, but the former can damage your bathroom’s structural and functional integrity.

Consider stuff that’s easy to clean

You must ensure your bathroom is easy to clean, especially if you use it a lot and don’t clean it often. Make sure the fittings and accessories you buy are maintainable and not susceptible to corrosion or water stains. That’s why acrylic bathtubs and shower systems can make your job ten times easier. Not only do they look elegant, but they are also easy to clean. Also, don’t invest in faucets that aren’t resistant to moisture. Cleaning rust can be a problem.

Shower screens or curtains? 

Shower screens are hands-down more effective than curtains. Not only are they more effective in preventing water from splashing everywhere, but they also add a contemporary aesthetic to your bathroom.
However, shower curtains are not bad if you are short on a budget. You can change them often and give your bathroom a new look, especially if you get bored easily and prefer changing things around.

Choose the right tiles

Choosing the right tile is as important as picking the right faucets and shower heads. Tiles with a big design and size will not complement a small bathroom and vice versa. Moreover, the color can also impact how big or small the space looks.
Use neutral colors to make your bathroom look more spacious. Also, consider materials that are water resistant to prevent water damage. Ensure the tiles are placed in a way that allows water to flow to the drainage.

Choose the right light fixtures

Good lighting makes using the bathroom to clean up and get ready easier. It’s also easier to clean since you can spot stains.
Use vanity lights to frame your mirror and the usual ceiling lighting. If you have a walk-in shower with a door, consider adding lighting there too. It is important to note that moisture and humidity are the enemies of light bulbs and can easily affect their durability. Hence, ensure you get humidity-resistant fixtures to avoid changing bulbs very often.  

Vanity mirrors

Adding a mirror can drastically change the look of your bathroom. Not only will it illuminate the bathroom, but it will give the illusion of a bigger space. So if your bathroom is not that big, perfect lighting can solve the issue.

Get some shelves

Adding shelves and storage options to your bathroom can help avoid unnecessary clutter. Storing toiletries on shelves is a great idea, be it your skin care products or your collection of shampoos and conditioners. A shelf under the sink is good for stocking cleaning products. You can also add an enclosed shelf for your towels and toiletries.

Soap dispensers

If you despise soap bars, it is time to install a soap dispenser. Soap dispensers can be installed and are the most convenient. Liquid soap also provides better hydration. Shifting to a liquid soap can make a huge difference if your hands are often dry. Also, they are cost-effective since you can buy refills to pour into the dispenser.

Install grab bars

Have you ever slipped on a wet bathroom floor? The glacial pang of pain can traumatize you forever. Here is a simple solution: Grab bars can help you avoid slipping on a wet floor, minimizing the risk of any injury that may have been caused otherwise.


Your bathroom fixtures and accessories play a huge role in completing the space and making it more usable. Hence, choose fixtures that blend effortlessly with the rest of the theme. Investing in good-quality products can save you from the trouble of renovations a few years down the road. Use the suggestions above to get the right stuff for your bathroom.

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