What First-Time Buyers Should Know About Blue Kyanite

Millions of people worldwide invest in various precious and semi-precious stones for multiple reasons. Some view it as a secure way to diversify their investment portfolios, while others value the beauty of these naturally forming gemstones and wish to own them. Either way, the market for precious stones is ever-expanding everywhere.

A specific item that has caught the attention of precious stone aficionados worldwide is raw blue kyanite. Many believe the sought-after crystal to be a powerful stone with various benefits, such as enabling people to connect with their inner selves on a deeper level. It can also help folks access their intuitive abilities, open their third eye, and recall complex dreams.

Here’s some pivotal information about this spectacular product that new buyers will find helpful. 

What is it?

Kyanite is a form of mica found in many parts of the world. It is commonly found in regions like India, Austria, Italy, Brazil, and the USA. Blue kyanite is a crystal form of the mineral kyanite. Studies indicate it forms very deep under extreme pressure, with geology experts claiming it played a crucial role in forming prominent modern cities.

Blue kyanite crystals are tiny, often only about 0.5 mm across, and might resemble little cubes or pyramids with flat surfaces that face up or down, depending on how you hold them. They can also have an iridescence where they sparkle under certain lighting conditions or when viewed through glass windows at night.

Kyanite comes in many colors

Besides a stunning deep blue, kyanite occurs in several colors, such as pink, black, gray, orange, green, and white, and each color holds some significance. The deep blue variant is most popular among many buyers as it is stunning to look at and offers several powerful properties. People often wear these stones in an amulet or a pendant, relying on their calming energy to have a stress-free day. Also, it is believed that the stone does not attract negative energy, so it does not require cleansing like other gems.

What blue kyanite means in Feng Shui

Many believe that blue kyanite can help you achieve greater success at work, especially if you have struggled in a particular area. It is also said to bring peace and harmony into your life, so it is an excellent choice for those looking for an accessory that will help them relax in the workplace.

It is considered an excellent Feng Shui talisman because of its ability to strengthen relationships between people, which means it has the potential to increase productivity and engagement among employees throughout an organization. It can also help people build more robust and deeper personal relationships.

Where to buy the gem

You can buy raw blue kyanite from legitimate online stores that offer great deals. For instance, some suppliers provide around five grams of the stone for approximately five dollars, which is pretty affordable for most folks. Also, they offer free shipping within the country for orders above seventy-five dollars, enabling you to buy more than one type of precious stone from the same supplier.

Typically, reputable retailers also provide top-quality opal, amethyst, larimar, and other precious stones at affordable prices. You can check the reviews and prices before buying them, so you get a good deal. Lastly, ensure to browse through their refund policy so there is no issue later if you want to return an item.

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